Help Send a Child to School

Mtoto International, in partnership with the rescue centre, recognizes the role education can play in the lives of the children at the centre. Currently serving over 100 children and youth, the rescue centre desires to give each one the opportunity to attend school. 

Whether a child attends a day school, or attends a boarding school, which is common in Kenya, there are an abundance of fees and expenses that accompany the education process. Tuition expenses can include annual fees, uniforms, books, and transportation, just to name a few.

By providing for tuition costs, we are enabling the children and youth to find their voice, discover what they're capable of, and have a say in their future.  


School Fees

Total (for boarding school): $525
Annual Fees: $400
Two Uniforms: $70
Books: $15
Travel: $20
Pocket Money: $20

Total (for Primary school): $70
Annual Fees: $10
Uniforms: $50
Books: $10