Over the years, we at Mtoto (Swahili for Child) International, have spent time volunteering and ministering in Kenya at the Eldoret Children’s Rescue Centre. The centre was founded in 2002 as a home for boys who had been living on the street. Over the years it has grown and transformed, and now houses and cares for over 100 boys and girls, ranging in ages from infancy to 18. The centre operates as a refuge for children in desperate situations who are in need of care. Whether the child has been neglected, abused, is an orphan, or has been living on the street, the centre diligently works to rehabilitate them through education, counseling, and care. Having experienced the centre first hand, we wholeheartedly believe in their work and desire to see it continue and grow. 

That is where we come in; supporting the centre through funding, which will aid in the following areas:

General Care


Building Projects and Expansion

By partnering with the Eldoret Children’s Rescue Centre we aim to support their current work while helping them grow and expand to better serve those still living on the street. We envision a place of healing, health, and growth; an environment where children will be met with open arms and receive the assistance and care they require.


  • We believe that Christ’s heart is for the orphaned, destitute, and needy. We desire to have a heart like Christ's and model His love by caring for the least of these.
  • We value the life of every child, believing that each one is worthy of care, education, and love.

  • We envision a place of empowerment and life change where each child will discover that they are wanted, chosen, and with Christ, capable of infinitely more than they could ever imagine.