Ashlie Adam

A native of Toronto, Canada, Ashlie moved to the states with her family in 2011. Through a connection with a local church, she was given the opportunity to travel to Kenya in 2013. It was then that she got her first taste of life at the Eldoret Children’s Rescue Centre. Her passion for the centre, and desire to see it thrive, have flourished over the years. In 2014 she returned to Kenya and spent a year attending bible college, volunteering at local ministries, and serving the children at the centre. As Co-Founder of Mtoto International, her lively personality, attention to detail, compassion, and love for Jesus drive her work and make her an invaluable member of the team.



Jenna Edwards

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Jenna is an alumni of The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. She first volunteered in Kenya in 2009 as a junior high camp counselor. It was during this trip that she visited the Eldoret Children’s Rescue Centre. Returning year after year to Eldoret, she is an advocate for the centre and their work. The first time she stepped foot on the grounds, she knew it was a special place. In 2013 she lived at the rescue centre for three months; teaching and helping care for the children and youth. Believing wholeheartedly in the mission and purpose of the centre, she has an intense desire to see it thrive and expand. As Co-Founder of Mtoto International, her passion, hard work, and love for the children make her an indispensable member of the team.


Cornell and June.jpg

Cornell Jordan

With a deep passion for discipleship, missions, and outreach, Pastor Cornell Jordan joined Mtoto International with a desire to see both children and adults come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ.  As founder and president of Cornell Jordan Ministries, he has spent more than a decade traveling back and forth to Kenya for mission trips and outreach events.  It was during some of these early trips that he and several others fell in love with The Eldoret Children’s Rescue Centre.  Over the years he has partnered with various groups, churches, and individuals to assist the centre in securing many much-needed resources. Pastor Cornell’s hope is to see that the rescue centre continues to make a real impact on the lives of the children it serves.  He, along with the rest of the Mtoto International team, believes that the future is bright and that the Lord will ensure the centre's success.